Fluid Genius by Eastman

Having Eastman expertise at your fingertips makes it easy to keep things on track.

Fluid Genius™ is a patent-pending digital platform that lets plant users monitor issues that could impact unplanned shutdowns, safety, yield, and maintenance budgets. It uses advanced artificial intelligence capabilities and proprietary fluid thermal stability measures, to help engineers maintain optimal fluid quality and forecast predictive maintenance. The platform supplies a rich repository of content for engineers and easy access to order and manage sample analysis kits.

Fluid Genius and TLC Total Lifecycle Care® combine to help you win

Maximize your fluid life

Tailor maintenance plan and budget

Avoid unscheduled shutdowns

Boost safety and reliability

Powerful analytics provide better insight into your fluid performance and maintenance needs.

Fluid Genius offers convenient access to tools, including sample analysis kit order forms, results, and analysis. You’ll get:

  • An estimate of fluid maintenance needs for budget and shutdown planning
  • Recommendations to keep your system running and extend fluid life
  • Advanced analytics and historical data showing trends over time
  • A knowledge base for test results, recommendations, equipment, and factors impacting quality and maintenance

Giving you peace of mind. Americas International is a certified provider of Fluid Genius.

Fluid Genius™ is now putting Eastman technical expertise and support at your fingertips. Americas International is a certified provider of Fluid Genius in addition to Therminol heat transfer fluids. We can help you optimize your heat transfer system by providing you access to Fluid Genius.

To learn more, visit FluidGenius.net

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